Who is a Gett Em Gurl? A Gett Em Gurl is a Woman or Girl who goes out and goes for their goals regardless of any obstacles. The Gett Em Gurl Crew are those Women!


The Gett Em Gurl Crew Podcast is a Raw and Uncut podcast from 3 Best Friends.  We tackle Current Events and turn them into a Topic for our Episodes featuring an Interlude with the intricate thoughts of the "Jawn". Be a fly on the wall for our weekly shenanigans.

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The Business Jawn

Meet Whit...The business Jawn...Thirty Somethin' Mother of 1 son from jerzee. everyones favorite introvert/extrovert who carries many titles. leading the "pack" has never been an issue for this lovable, stubborn, straightforward jawn with the infectious personality. But wait. make sure being disloyal is not part of your vocab because once you cross this jawn you dont exist. "He who does not feel me is not real to me...therefore he doesnt exist...so poof...vamoose son of a B***H"- Jay-Z



The Social Media Jawn

Its the one and only social media jawn!  ThirtyIsh Mother to the brattiest fur baby, toffee. always thinking out the box and trying to make my next move my best move. most people think im mean, but im actually the shyest person and (if we click) The best friend you will ever have. i can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, the choice is yours. proud Basic Bitch fashionista who can dress it down or dress it up depending on my mood. "Dont Worry about me and who i fire...i get what i desire...its my empire"- Nicki Minaj



The Operations Jawn

I'm The Operations Jawn from the gegcrew podcast!!! A mother of 4 and alana's gg!!! ganja is embedded in my soul!!! i live life to the fullest and dont give 2 F***S what anyone thinks!!! im the One They Love to hate!!! Family and my crew is my top priority!!! i just wanna become a trillionaire so we all can live good!!!